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Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan food
in The Hague 


Vegetarian and Vegan food sadly sometimes is still hard to find in many restaurants, but in Bonobo you can find many Vega(n) dishes right in the center of The HagueWe are happy to announce that majority of our menu is Vega(n) friendly!

We strive to serve fresh, satisfying and inspiring Vegetarian and Vegan food in The Hague. Bonobo serves food that is full of flavour, textures and colours. If you are looking for a healthy Homemade Falafel Sandwich, a satisfying cheesy Grilled Vegetables Tortilla or a big Beyond Meat Burger and many many more snacks and bites – Bonobo is a place for you

If you wish to try a high quality, fresh and full of flavour Falafel you have to try the Vegan Homemade Falafel at Bonobo! We make it from scratch with a recipe brought from the Mediteranian. It is perfectly crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside! Fresh herbs of corriander and parsley to add that homely and satisfying taste.

Vegetarian and Vegan food has never been so accesible. Embrace the Vega(n) power and enjoy the plant based goodies at Bonobo! 

Vega(n) Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday at Bonobo is a special day to celebtrate the Vegetariand and Vegan food and to draw the attention to the Vega(n) food choices. Look out for a Special Deals every Wednesday and don't miss out on the tasty dinners with like minded people.


If you are having a hard time to invite your non-Vega(n) friends to Vega(n) places in The Hague where they serve special and nice Vegetarian and Vegan food you can stop worrying because they will also have satisfying meals to choose from. In Bonobo everyone can find a lovely dish to meet their needs. Check out our menu and find your favourites!

All Vegetarian and Vegan choices are specially marked in our menu for an easy navigation so you can find them straight away. If you have specific food intolerances or allergies, please always inform our staff and ask for an advice if needed. We are here for you to help!

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Viva La Vega(n)!

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