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Best Burgers in The Hague

Beef, Falafel or Beyond Meat Burger for every Burger Lover!


If you are in search for a delicius burger then search no more

and come straight to Bonobo!


Even being a fairly new spot in The Hague it did not stop our burgers to already claim a respected spot in the burger lovers bellies.  A high quality ingredients: beautiful black dicarbonated food charcoal biological buns, homemade beef, homemade falafel and beyond meat patties, a few slices of veggies and one curly lettuce to master the burger layers to perfection. 
Bonobo's patties are homemade and always fresh. We buy small patches of selected beef everyday to keep our beef patties at the highest quality. Homemade falafel patties are made everyday from scratch, the whole process to make it takes 24 hours! But we don't mind the struggle and we do it with love! We serve perfectly crunchy falafels from the outside and soft from the inside. The lovely true green colour inside of the falafels testifies the quality and always fresh herbs.


Biological Burger Buns

Our burger buns are biological!
The black bun colour comes from decarbonated food charcoal to enhance the experience and compliment the burger patty of your choice. 

These buns are crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside.

The perfect bun to make the perfect burger!

Choose your favourite homemade burger

_DSC1885 crop strip.jpg

What it takes to create the perfect burger

Bonobo Burger ingredients are carefully selected to compliment each other and create the perfect balanced burger. We want each person that comes to eat Bonobo's Burgers to leave satisfied and happy of their meal. 
Biological buns, fresh homemade beef, homemade falafel or beyond meat patties with perfect slices of matching veggies and a piece of lettuce – what else a Burger Lover could want.  

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