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Live English spoken Stand-up Comedy Night in The Hague


Stand-up Comedy
The Hague

Live English spoken Stand-up Comedy Night happens every 3 weeks in Bonobo – right in the center of The Hague! A night that gathers many internationals from all around the world and dutchies together to complain, enjoy and laugh of all the things The Netherlands has to offer. Six to Nine Comedians perform every time - diverse, experienced and starting comedians, finished jokes and new experimental material. Expect everything but a sad night!


The line up of each show is selected to ensure the fun flow of the Comedy Night and to guarantee you laughBonobos' Stand-up Comedy Nights are MC'ed by professional MC'ies every time. The show is always around 90 min long excluding MC time.

Don't miss the funny Nights of Live Stan-up Comedy in Bonobo! Always look for an announcement of an upcoming Stand-up Comedy Night date on Bonobo's Social Media or regularly check the Agenda section in our website to stay updated. 

Entrance to the
Stand-up Comedy Nights is free, but Bonobo has limited seats so come earlier to make sure you have a cosy spot to watch the acts. The show is divided in two parts with a 15 min break in between. If you are curious who is performing – lookout for the line up of performing comedians in the descriptions of each individual event. The bar to get drinks is available throughout the show. We kindly ask to order your drinks discreetly and not to interrupt the acts. The kitchen for dinner and snacks is open untill 22:00 o'clock. View the food and drinks menu.

Always lively, funny, inspiring and intriguing
Bonobos' Stand-up Comedy Nights are not to miss!


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During Bonobo Stand-up Comedy Nights photographs and short videos will be taken for promotional purposes. We kindly assume that by entering the venue you agree with it. If you do not wish to be included in the photographs and videos please inform us before the show.

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